The Ultimate Guide to Customized Corporate Gifts Marketing

Why must companies do gift marketing now, especially when holiday purchases must be customized gifts? What is the difference between custom gifts and ordinary gifts? How exactly can we make the gift for the enterprise to play the most role? Here is everything you need to know.

Why Gift Custom?

Customized gifts promotion is an important means of corporate marketing, through the promotion of gifts can directly enhance the sales of corporate products and services praise. On the other hand, consumers use customized gifts will also continue to spread the custom brand image and corporate culture, for corporate products and services, to do a most effective and direct product promotion.

How to Set a Corporate Gift Budget

The first thing to consider when calculating how much you can dedicate to corporate giving is how much you have to donate. Even if you are the most charitable person on the planet, you must stick to a budget. Hence, examine your budget and evaluate how much you can spend on presents without overwhelming your company. This will provide the groundwork for deciding who will get a gift and what you will offer.

Companies should develop a reasonable budget according to the different occasions and target groups. For example, if a furniture mall gives gifts to customers who spend over $800, then select the combination of novel duffel and reusable coffee cups is more appropriate.

Corporate Gift Procurement

There are a few tried and tested guidelines on how to make good corporate gift purchases, which can be used as a reference for corporate purchases.
Be in demand and used frequently
Practical gifts will bring the user closer to the company, and each time the recipient picks up these gifts, it will deepen the impression of the company.
Look and touch to have a sense of weight
Too thin gifts, gifts will make people feel cheap, just like the tableware in five-star hotels, will be specially selected with a sense of weight dinner plates, knives, because the weight will deepen the impression of the quality of the gift.
Rare and unique
In addition to the common stationery or 3C items, creative gifts with differences can show the creativity of the company and deepen the impression of the company.
Gift items should have multiple sensory stimulation
In addition to visual packaging, the weight, feel and fragrance of the gift can leave a deep impression on people.
Secondary social function
After receiving a gift, a gift will be willing to take the initiative to show and talk, which has a social diffusion effect and potential advertising for the company.

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