Environmentally friendly Bamboo Fiber Tableware

We know that fiber tableware is now considered to be degradable and does not pollute the environment. They may still end up in landfills. Many tableware on the market will not decompose until they meet certain conditions.

Eco-friendly food containers are often more expensive than plastic, and the upfront cost can be a barrier to adoption by consumers and restaurants.

Now, our research team has found a solution: the cutlery utensils decompose naturally within 60 days and are cheaper than compostable plastic because it is made from sugarcane waste and bamboo.

bamboo fiber tableware

We deliver delicate dishes from the kitchen to the foyer to wherever they can be used. We introduce our latest Bamboo Fiber Tableware, this unbreakable dishwasher safe tableware is as chic as ceramic without the risk of shattering.

We need to know that some plants can grow as tall as the tallest tree, but bamboo is not actually a tree. In fact, it is a grass and one of the most persistent and versatile grasses on the planet.

It grows very fast and can be made into anything from household to socks. It is naturally renewable and requires little maintenance to grow.

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