biodegradable bamboo flower pots

We all know that breaking up flower pots into active compost can take a year or more to decompose. Or they are buried underground and they take 1-3 years to decompose. but biodegradable bamboo pots, about 6 months biodegradable.
bamboo flower pots
Biodegradable bamboo pots are made of bamboo fibers combined with amino resins made from natural organic compounds, and over time, these pots will fully biodegrade. So everyone can take a moment to browse attractive sustainable and biodegradable bamboo planters on our website. Not only can it provide a favorable environment for indoor plants to thrive. It also contributes to environmental protection.

For biodegradable and sustainable pots, we have a wide selection of sustainable and biodegradable bamboo pots including Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Flower Pot with Custom Design, Wholesale Bamboo Fiber Flower Pots Plant Container D10* H11cm, Eco-friendly Bamboo Fibre Rectangle Self-Watering Planter 16", 7 Inch Bamboo Flower Pots Orbital Planter, Sustainable & Biodegradable Bamboo Planters Flower Pot 4 Sizes, Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Flower Pot with Custom Design。

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