6 Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Food

Organic food is food that is produced, prepared and processed without the use of any chemical substances. This means that organic food production prohibits the use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers or chemical preservatives. More and more people are realizing that organic food is healthier than conventional food, so what exactly are the benefits of organic food for our health?

1. No Toxic Chemicals

Since organic food is not produced and processed through the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any toxic chemicals that can affect human health. The use of natural techniques such as green manure, fertilizing the land in pest control efforts and crop rotation can produce safer, healthier and more flavorful foods that provide a better life for people.

2. Antioxidant content

The positive effects of antioxidants on overall health have been established in many scientific studies. Recent studies have shown that organic foods contribute to a higher intake of beneficial antioxidants. The positive effects of antioxidants from organic foods include the prevention of heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging and cognitive dysfunction.

3. Antibiotic Resistance

Humans are susceptible to a variety of health problems and diseases, and most of the time they must take preventive measures to ensure their health, such as through various vaccinations and antibiotic drugs. In turn, non-organic foods (especially livestock) are treated and raised with vaccines, growth hormones, animal by-products and antibiotics.

When people consume non-organic foods, they also indirectly ingest antibiotics, growth hormones, and vaccines. If there are too many antibiotics, vaccines, hormones and animal byproducts the immune system is weakened, which can make humans unable to defend themselves against disease. The benefit of organic foods is that their production process does not involve the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, animal byproducts or vaccines.

4. Better Taste

In addition to nutrition, the minerals and sugars in organic foods are also better than non-organic because the crops have more time to develop and mature. The use of natural and environmentally friendly agricultural production techniques is the main reason why organic food tastes so good. It is often reported that organic vegetables and fruits have a higher quality compared to conventionally grown.

5. No pesticides

Chemical pesticides have been linked to various diseases and illnesses, namely cancer, digestive dysfunction, headaches, ADHD, birth defects, weakened immune systems, and even premature death. Organic food has no pesticides, which is why its healthier. Pesticides have the ability to destroy pests, but some of their chemical components can damage health when they enter the human body. For example, organophosphorus, which is associated with various developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Therefore, organic food provides a better healthy life, especially for children who may be affected by pesticide toxins during their developmental years.

6. Stronger immune system

The practice of conventional or industrial agriculture aims to increase production and agricultural output by all necessary means. For example, the production of more grains, meat and fruit through genetic modification and the use of growth hormones appears to have solved some of the world's food shortage problems. But in the long run, the consequence is a significant reduction in allergen sensitivity and the strength of the immune system.

By consuming organic foods, on the other hand, the risk of decreased immune system strength is significantly reduced, and instead, organic foods have high quality and higher vitamin and mineral content that help strengthen the body's immune system.

Choose Organic for You and the Planet

There are so many benefits to organic food. When you buy organic food, your choice serves as a vote that supports the environment, better working. For your health, we recommend you to use plastic-free and eco-friendly tableware to enjoy organic food.

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